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Water damage insurance claim attorney can help with your property claim denial

Water loss is the most common claims a homeowner will encounter. It can take many forms from a leaking or burst pipe to a leaking appliance. It is imperative for property owners to get to the source of what’s causing the water intrusion as soon as possible and mitigate the loss. Water intrusion left unattended leads to mold and mold coverage is severely capped in most insurance policies. This means you will have very little coverage for the restorations. When you have a water insurance claim that is denied or undervalued having an insurance claim attorney on your side can make a difference on recovering what is due under your policy provisions.

The challenge for homeowners and the frustration is that the policy is so poorly written when it comes to water losses. Policies typically have exclusions that deal with potential water losses, but they are often conflicting or overlapping and the carrier typically uses this to their advantage. Although the carrier may be correct that some of the damages are excluded, damages that result from the uncovered part of the claim may be covered. It is important that you understand your insurance policy because the carrier will often cite the exclusion, but not the exception. This is where having a property insurance attorney who understands both policy language and case law can help advocate your insurance claim rights.

It is essential that you have someone working on your side as often the insurance company will base their denial on an exclusion that has an exception that can potentially cover the damages. As property insurance specialists, we can help you understand your insurance policy and appeal the insurance company’s denial.

Don’t let the insurance company intimidate or treat you or your client unfairly.

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